Why CTEK MXS 3.8 is the Best Bike Battery Charger?

Recreational bike sales in India has boomed in recent years and so has the need for the best bike battery charger. The reason being that these recreational bikes are not used on a daily basis and when the need comes te battery is often found to be flat.

Before we start with the charger it is important to understand a bike battery and why it is different from other vehicle batteries. The main difference is that the bike battery is a small battery as

  • Bikes do not have a lot of electronics like in a car.
  • It is small to fit in and hence the capacity is lower.
  • Its main purpose is to start the bike and then very limited use.

A typical bike battery capacity ranges from 5 Ah to 15 Ah compared to a small car which starts at 30 Ah. This means using a higher power bike battery charger is not necessarily better.

Now that we understand the bike battery a little bit, let’s understand charging. A thumb rule for 12v lead acid bike battery charging states that the battery needs to be charged at no more than 10% of the battery capacity. So if the bike battery is 15 Ah, the max charging capacity should be 1.5 amps.

The CTEK MXS 3.8 is the best bike battery charger for a number of reasons.

Ease of use making it the best Bike battery charger.

It comes with a simple user interface. One end connects to the AC socket in your wall and the other end has the positive and negative clamps. Just connect to the battery terminals and switch on.

mxs 3.8 web big 2
MXS 3.8 Mode Selection

Easy to Select mode

A simple button press and the right charging program is selected. From there on just let it be and it will do the job. Choose the first one for your bike, the second one for your car and the third one for cold conditions. There is no need to remove the battery from the vehicle. Just connect and off you go. Nothing to worry. Just let it be and do not worry about overcharging, acid boiling or gassing.

The Bike mode ensures that the bike battery is charged at no more than 0.8 Amps ensuring optimum charging. Whereas the Car mode charges at max 3.8 amp perfect for small car batteries like Wagon R.

CTEK MXS 3.8 Car and Bike Battery Charger
CTEK MXS 3.8 Car and Bike Battery Charger

Portable and Safe

The unit weighs less than 900 gms and comes with a storage pouch. This means it can be carried anywhere and can be stored ins small spaces. In addition, it provides leading safety features like reverse polarity protection, non-sparking and Maintainance mode.

The maintenance mode ensures that if you leave it connected it will not boil the battery acid or not cause gassing. It’s the safest thing to have when charging a battery.

Warranty and Support

The CTEK MXS 3.8 comes with a 5-year replacement warranty and great customer support. This provides you with complete peace of mind and ownership.


For those enthusiasts you prefer to have complete information, they can use the included eyelet. This eyelet needs to be installed once and then whenever charging is required just connect the eyelet without having to reach out into the battery compartment.

There is also the Indicator eyelet which tells at all time the charge status of the battery. This can be bought separately.

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