New Smart 12v Battery Charger from CTEK CT5 Time to Go – Review

Smart Battery Charger Hits the Market

CTEK CT5 Time to Go, a global manufacturer of smart battery chargers announced the introduction of a truly unique battery charger that tells you how long it will take to charge your vehicle battery. That’s an important feature since many DIYers slap a battery charger on their vehicle and charge it just long enough to get the engine to crank and start. Then they rely on the vehicle’s charging system to do the rest. That’s not good for the battery or the vehicle’s charging system. Vehicle charging systems are designed to supply power to run the vehicle’s accessories and to replace the power that’s drained from the battery during cranking. But they’re not designed to recharge a dead battery. Most vehicle owners don’t understand that and when they start a vehicle with a discharged battery, it places a high load on both the charging system and the battery that can result in both premature alternator and battery failure.

The need for CT5 TIME TO GO charger

The CT5 TIME TO GO charger not only tells you how much time is left on the charging cycle but alerts you when it’s safe to “TRY” starting.

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CTEK Model CT5 TIME TO GO Works with most vehicle batteries

There are many different types of vehicle batteries, from standard flooded lead acid (SLA) to absorbed glass mat (AGM), GEL, Maintenance Free and Calcium (Ca-Ca). Each battery type requires a different charging voltage and charging protocol, depending on its condition. For example, an SLA battery that’s discharged but not sulphated might receive a starting charge of around 14.4-volts and 4.3-amps, while an AGM battery in the same condition may require a slightly higher 14.7-volt 4.7-amp charge. However, if the same battery is in a deeply discharged condition, the RECON mode employs a totally different protocol, starting with a much lower voltage and current for the first phase before slowly ramping up to a higher 15.8-volt and 5-amp current. During the middle phases, the charger may drop current yet maintain the higher voltage. In the final RECON phases, the charger may spike the current and the voltage.


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CTEK Model CT5 TIME TO GO is also a battery maintainer

The CT5 battery charger can also be used as a battery maintainer to keep the vehicle battery at the proper charge. All batteries self discharge and some vehicle computer systems draw a small amount of current at all times. When a vehicle isn’t started on a regular basis, the battery can fall into a deeply discharged state that results in “sulphation” where insulating crystals form on battery plates. When left in a discharged state for long periods, the sulphation can be irreversible, forcing the user to replace the battery far more often. Connecting the battery to a maintainer prevents sulphation and prolongs battery life.

The CT5 charger operates in temperatures from -4°F to 122°F, so it can be left on the battery in most weather conditions.

CT5 comes with everything you need

The CT5 comes with clamps and eye ring cables to use with standard post or side-mount car batteries or screw-post motorcycle or powersport type batteries. Swap between the two cables with an easy snap connector.

CT5 accessories

CTEK Model CT5 TIME TO GO works with most 12v battery sizes

The CT5 works with batteries from 20-160Ah.

The CT5 battery charger works with all vehicles with 12v batteries.

The CT5 battery charger works with cars, trucks, motorcycle, scooter and off-road vehicles. It is not rated for marine use, but CTEK makes several models that can be used in marine applications.

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