CTEK Comfort Indicator – what’s it telling you?

The CTEK 12V Car Battery Charger Accessory –  Comfort Indicator provides a simple visual indication of the battery status and most importantly tells you when it’s time to reach for a CTEK charger. It’s available with clamps, eyelets and can even be mounted in the dash! It’s a versatile product used in many different applications, but do you know what the lights are telling you?

Among other CTEK 12V Car Battery Charger Accessories, the Comfort Indicator offers the easiest one-time install. Also comes with a charging socket to connect a CTEK 12v Charger in case the battery needs a top-up charge.

GREEN means the battery charge is more than 12.65V. OK! No need for charging.

YELLOW means the battery charge is between 12.4 and 12.65V. It’s time to start thinking about charging the battery.

RED means the battery charge is below 12.4V. It’s definitely time to charge the battery.

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