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Engine Treatment Concentrate (44102)

1,470.00 (+ GST Extra)
Engine Treatment Concentrate

Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment (44740)

3,270.00 (+ GST Extra)
Cetane Booster & Diesel Treatment

Rislone Engine Stop Leak Concentrate (44209)

7,310.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate is specially formulated to stop and seal motor oil leaks caused by normal engine wear and age.

Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner (44701)

1,695.00 (+ GST Extra)
Best All-Around Fuel Additive

Rislone Liquid Aluminum Radiator Stop Leak (41186)

4,130.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone Liquid Aluminium Radiator Stop Leak, 500g represents the next-generation of top-tier sealants.

Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment (44700)

3,287.00 (+ GST Extra)
It is important to keep this system clean so your car can work at its most efficient state.

Rislone Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate (44629)

1,160.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate specially designed to stop seal and O-ring leaks caused by normal power steering wear and age.

Rislone Radiator 10 Minute Flush (41121)

2,225.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone Radiator 10 Minute Flush can quickly give your car the cleaning boost it needs to keep you and your car safely on the road.

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak & Conditioner – 325ml

2,225.00 (+ GST Extra)
It is compatible with all sorts of anti-freeze products.

RISLONE Rear Main Seal Repair (44240)

1,593.00 (+ GST Extra)
Give Rislone a shot and avoid that dreaded trip to the repair shop once and for all.

Rislone Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate (44519)

1,580.00 (+ GST Extra)
This product is specially designed to stop seal and gasket leaks caused by normal transmission wear and age.