Save the Date-5 October Charge Your Car Battery Day

Charge Your Car Battery Day – 5TH OCTOBER

Charge Your Car Battery Day 5 Oct

It is a day to celebrate the humble car battery and remind people about the importance of charging your car battery. It’s easy to forget how much hard work your battery has to do to keep your car running, so Charge Your Car Day is here to remind us all that we’ve really got to look after it.

So connect your charger and give your battery the care and attention it needs. Because when it’s working at its best, you can be sure your car will be READY TO GO right when you are – now that’s complete freedom! Charge your car day: a day to remind us all to reach for that battery charger so that your car is READY TO GO whenever you are. 

COVID 19 has dramatically changed our driving habits

  • •We are using our car less •We are making fewer long journeys (like the daily commute to work) 
  • •We are making more short journeys
  • •This means that whatever our vehicle type (fuel-powered, hybrid or EV) we should have changed our charging habits too
  • •But as the world starts to open up a little, we need to make sure our car batteries are charged and READY TO GO!
  • So we can get back on the road!
Charge Your Car Battery Day 5 Oct

We at, take this day to help car owners understand the importance of battery charging. On this day we offer technical details on your car battery, free battery testing and deep discounts on your car battery charging. Along with this, mega offers on CTEK Chargers, Battery Testers, Jump Starters

What to expect.

  • Free Testing of your Car Battery, bike battery and inverter battery
  • Upto 50% discount on Car Charging rates from
  • 30% discount on Battery Care Package from
  • 10% discount on battery products like chargers, testers, jumpstarters from
  • Advance booking vouchers for use within next 6 months

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