Importance of 12v Battery Voltage Points – 12v Talks

12v Lead Acid Battery is the heart of the automobile industry. This black lead box initially started its journey as a device to just start the vehicle. As time passed by this device grew in importance as it was the device which started powering the headlights and then safety features and now vehicles rely on this device for almost anything form your ABS to your lighting to the entertainment and any other gimmickry you add in your vehicle.As we discuss the importance of the basic Voltage Point – 12.6 Volts. Some may wonder where did this 12.6v come from as the battery is called a 12v battery. A 12v Lead Acid battery is made up of 6 cells. Each cell at full capacity holds 2.1v. So together 6 cells hold 6 multiplied by 2.1 that is 12.6v. There are some schools of thought you say that each fully charged cell holds 2.12v and then the fully charged 12v battery is 12.72 voltsThis you may have guessed that a fully charged 12v Battery should measure between 12.60 – 12.7 volts.Next time the mechanic tells you that the battery is fully charged to ensure that it is measuring between those numbers.See you and catch you next time with the next 12v Talk on – Battery Voltage point – 11.99v