Why Mercedes trusts CTEK Pro 120 for its workshop?

Mercedes has always been at the frontier for performance vehicles. Its latest series of vehicles are masterpieces for performance, precision and power. CTEK Pro 120 lives up to that demand for its workshops as the most reliable tool.

No wonder that these vehicles demand the very best and rely on precision tools to diagnose and support. One of the requirements of the service centre is to carry out diagnostics. For this, the vehicle is connected to a computer to read the fault codes, upgrade software. This places a large load on the system and as high as 110 amps of power is drawn from the battery. To manage this, CTEK the Pro 120 provides constant voltage and high power do that the diagnosis does not abruptly shut down.

CTEK PRO120 is an innovative and highly efficient 120A battery charger and power supply. Designed to meet the demands of the diagnostic workshop. With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology and state of the art features, it’s the perfect solution for comprehensive battery charging, maintenance and power supply.

CTEK Pro 120 naredi
CTEK Pro 120 Top View

Technical stuff

  •  12V/120A output
    • Variable output in power supply mode (12.6V-14.8V)
    • Compatible with all types of 12V battery, including Lithium (LiFePO4)
    • Suitable for batteries from 10Ah-3000Ah, (15Ah-1200Ah LiFePO4)
    • Resonant Converter technology for fast and efficient charging
    • Easy to use with clear LCD display
    • Unique, patent applied for ‘adaptive charging’ mode automatically detects battery size
    • Built-in temperature compensation
    • Rugged, impact-resistant polycarbonate casing
    • 5m cables and heavy-duty clamps
    • IP40 rated (indoor use)
    • Safe spark-free operation
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • Short circuit proof
    • 2-year warranty

No wonder that after extensive tests Mercedes approved the CTEK Pro 120. Also, it is the approved Battery support tool for its workshops requirement.