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Foxwell BT 705. Is it any good?

Foxwell BT 705

There are a number of battery testers in the market. Some good and some not so good.

So the BT -705 was tested and the results indicate this battery tester to be quite accurate and covers a number of tests.

In addition to checking the 12v battery, the Foxwell BT 705 also does the following:

  • Tests both 12v and 24v battery
  • Tells the SOC of the battery
  • Tells the SOH of the battery
  • Tells the CCA of the battery
  • Tells the internal resistance of the battery
  • Checks the starting system of the vehicle
  • Checks the charging system of the vehicle.

All in all a complete battery tester. You can also purchase an optional printer to printout the results and give to the customer in case you run a garage or workshop.