This has helped fleet owners save Money and Time

A recent study of the Indian market has revealed that fleet owners have one hidden cost. This is not only the cost of the parts but also opportunity costs. This is Battery related costs.

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The Situation

On average, a fleet owner with 10 vehicles spends close to INR 19,000 only in battery costs every year. Adding to this is the cost of getting a jumpstart and also delayed service to customers. These costs are due to the battery replacement or repair or loss of functions in vehicles due to a flat battery.
We did a test trial with Azad transport in Delhi who were incurring a whopping INR 30,000 for their fleet of 8 trucks. This was due to vehicle standing or lights left on or no maintenance of the battery.

The Method

A 2 year trial with CTEK MXT 14 showed a sharp drop not only in battery costs. The graph below shows how using MXT14 from 217 showed results in 2018 and onwards. It is now at almost 0 levels despite the Covid 19 situation when the trucks were on standby.
Azad Transport now has healthy batteries in their vehicle but also spare batteries. Going forward they will see an 80% reduction in battery-related costs.

Savings with MXT 14

So how did they achieve it?

Mr. Hardeep Kaur instructed the team that when the vehicle comes back, they are hooked to the CTEK MXT 14. Since the battery is charged without taking it out, the drivers and Khallassis found it easy.
Great teamwork and the use of the right tools made this possible. This is what Mr. Kaur had to say “I have always looked at reducing downtime and costs. The CTEK MXT 14 turned out to be a robust tool for use in our dusty yard and delivered more than expected.”

Ctek MXT 14 For 24v battery


CTEK MXT14 is a powerful 24v, 14 Amp Lead Acid Battery Charger which comes with useful functions like

  • Recondition function to bring life to deeply discharged batteries.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • Completely safe – Spark Free, Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Maintainance mode for leaving it unattended for long periods of time.
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Trusted by big Heavy Duty manufacturers like MAN, Volvo etc