Which is the Best Car Battery Charger in India?

Batteries are the main cause of cold-weather breakdowns, so it pays to have The Best Car Battery charger. A good one will not only get you on your way but will also keep the battery in top condition with regular maintenance. Plus, for infrequently used cars, a charger will keep them ready to go when you want.

Autoexpress recently conducted a review of the best home car battery chargers and as always CTEK came up on top. Especially important that out of the shortlisted products in the final list, only CTEK has a local presence with local support and warranty.

But choosing the best car battery charger is not easy due to the bewildering array of charging modes, battery types and specs, so which is the one to keep you motoring? We went to CTEK’s Swedish R&D centre to find out.

How it was tested

We were able to test the complex features and functions of modern chargers thanks to CTEK’s extensive facilities, which allowed us to assess more than 80 aspects. At the heart of our tests was the time taken to charge a deflated battery; we noted how this was done, plus the rate, too. We also checked electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) interference to industry standards, sparks during misuse and the operating instructions. Charging modes, battery types and lead lengths and clamps were also taken into account before we factored in prices from a range of online sources.


The results at the top were close, but CTEK hangs onto its crown this time, with the MXS 5.0 combining performance, versatility and usability in a safe, cost-effective package.

Close behind was Sealey’s keenly priced Autocharge650HF, with the Maypole MP7428 completing the podium.

CTEK MXS 5.0 – Best Car Battery Charger

CTEK MXS 5.0 12v Car and Bike Battery Charger

There were faster chargers, but none ticked as many boxes as this CTEK, which delivered close to its five- amp rating. While others fell foul of the EMC and misuse tests, the MXS 5.0 was untroubled and cleared all the hurdles. Instructions are clear, progress easy to follow, and the controls simple to use. The leads could be longer, but we liked the supplied flying lead and the bag to keep everything together. A class act.

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