Do I really need a Smart Car/Bike Battery Charger?

“Do I really need a Smart Car Battery Charger?” – That is a question people ask quite often. To be frank I also had the same question , when I first came across the CTEK SMART Battery Charger…Specially when the cost of the charger is more than that of the battery itself. But it changed once I ended up with a dead battery on my car.


Lets look at a typical Indian household. It has on an average 2 cars, a bike and an inverter. So in total 4 12v batteries. These batteries need to be replaced every 2- 3 years which means a cost of INR 12,000 every 3 years and INR 24,000 over a period of 6 years. Using a CTEK Battery charger, I get to increase the life of the battery by 2 – 3 times.

Pass it Forward

With limited 5 year warranty, it can be used to help out friends and family. What a way to build relationships and look cool!!

Opportunity Cost

The time when I had a dead battery in the morning, i got delayed for a meeting and more than that the hassle involved with getting the car back on the road. Trying to get hold of a reliable electronic mechanic, taking the battery out , replacing it adds an additional cost of over INR 1000 (for each battery) without the cost of the battery. Also in case I had known that the battery is dying out, I would have taken corrective action ahead and avoided last minute panic. CTEK Chargers can tell if the battery is in a condition to retain charge or not…

Green Benefits

Did you know that each Lead acid battery contains over 7 Kgs of lead in it. Imagine the good it will do if you can avoid disposing of heavy chemicals like lead and acid (assuming that it is done in the right manner) by almost half….

New Age Vehicles

For those owning premium cars or bikes, the benefits are much more with sophisticated batteries costing a lot more. Then there is the START STOP function in some new vehicles which puts extreme load in today’s city traffic. CTEK has a charger for it too.

But don’t take my word for it. Try one out or read the

reviews on CTEK across the world. It is not for nothing that that the biggest auto brands in the world recommend CTEK.

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