Car owners shift to maintenance from distress

We recently undertook a survey that identified 94% of car owners associate battery care with vehicle reliability. 84% of those surveyed viewed battery charging as a preventative measure rather than a distress activity, highlighting a growing awareness of the need to regularly charge a car battery.

With modern vehicles placing their battery under greater strain than ever before through sophisticated electronics that require an ever-present electrical supply, the CTEK survey completed by 1,114 people, has identified that consumers now have a greater understanding of the importance of battery care and maintenance.

The high power demands of modern vehicles and the drain from parasitic loads such tracking devices and alarms means that a battery can now potentially become flat much quicker. It’s therefore really encouraging to see the increased awareness surrounding battery charging, which until very recently was viewed by the majority of motorists as something that you only did when your car wouldn’t start.

Regularly charging and conditioning can extend battery life by as much as 300% and prevent the risk of a flat battery – go and give your car battery some love!

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