CTX Battery Sense demonstrates the importance of regular battery charging

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CTX Battery Sense demonstrates the importance of regular battery charging

CTX BATTERY SENSE is a Bluetooth® enabled, smart battery management tool. It’ll help prevent vehicle breakdowns and maximize the performance of vehicle batteries by giving users valuable, easy to understand information about the state of battery charge. Just download the free app, connect the Battery Sense Monitor to the battery, and your mobile phone will give you data 24/7, all year round.

Many of you already know Stefan Magnusson, our Nordic & UK Sales Manager. And for the last 4 months, Stefan has NOT been maximizing his battery performance – he hasn’t charged his car battery for the entire Swedish winter – his Battery Sense statistics are very interesting!

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When temperatures hit zero, and you only drive short distances, bad things happen! Over this five-day period, Battery Charge Status was only above 80% for 45% of the time. More than half of this period (55%), the battery was in a relatively poor state of health.

Over the Christmas period, Stefan only drove short distances. During this time, Stefan’s start-stop functionality stopped working, reducing fuel efficiency and increasing vehicle emissions.

The big spike in Battery Charge Status around 12 January was when Stefan drove to Stockholm (120km), parked his vehicle overnight in a parking lot and then drove back home. No need for a diesel heater, the car was parked in warm ambient temperature and he drove longer journeys.

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This short test demonstrates the huge demands climate & driving behavior can have on your vehicle and the risk that many batteries face costly, premature failure. It also highlights the benefits of Battery Sense as a tool for monitoring Battery Charge Status, and perhaps most importantly, a way of telling you when to reach for a battery charger!

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