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Foxwell BT-780 Battery Analyzer

24,000.00 (+ GST Extra)
Advanced 12v and 24v Battery Charger with inbuilt printer

Foxwell BT100 12V Battery Tester

6,200.00 (+ GST Extra)
The Latest Foxwell BT100 Battery Analyzer For 12Volt Batteries Is Dedicatedly Developed To Test 12V Regular Flooded, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral And Gel Batteries.

Foxwell i70 Pro

119,000.00 (+ GST Extra)
Faster, Smarter, Stronger, More Accurate Android-based tablet diagnostic Tool


44,900.00 (+ GST Extra)

Foxwell NT 680 PRO scanner with Special Functions

FREEZETONE Antifreeze Coolant 9120R-128

3,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
  • Available: 50/50 – 33% – 20% – XXTREME Heavy Duty – WATERLESS
  • “Five (5) different concentrations: 50/50, 33%, 20%, Waterless and XXtreme
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210, TMC RP 329, VW G11, G12, G12+ and G13.
  • Meets or exceeds all of the following manufacturers’ specifications: Case, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel / MTU, GM, Freightliner, Hino, International, Isuzu, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Mack PACCAR. Formulated with ethylene glycol based and the newest OAT generation additives and SCA’s to protect rust, corrosion and electrolysis
  • Safe to use with DexCool®
  • Premixed- Ready to use-Do not add water”.

FREEZETONE Antifreeze Coolant 9192-128F

3,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
FREEZETONE Antifreeze Coolant 9192-128F is designed for extreme conditions like race tracks, high temperatures and freezing colds.

Freezetone Diesel Radiator Additive

3,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
- Made with OAT Long Life Technology, Silicate & Phosphate free - Ready to use. 5 Years / 150, 000 Mile Protection/ up to 15, 000 hours. - Available in Green, Red, Blue, Marine and Industrial Formulas

Freezetone Engine Radiator Additive

3,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
- Engine radiator additive ready to use, 5 Years / 150, 000 Mile Protection - 5 IN 1 PROTECTION: OAT Long Life, Over Heating. Rust. Corrosion. Lubrication.

Freezetone Extreme Radiator Additive

3,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
Engine radiator additive for gas saving ready to use.

Gluematic Glue Gun

2,900.00 (+ GST Extra)
Full supply of consumables available. Selection of glue pads available separately: Part Nos 92347 | 92348 | 92349. Glue Sticks

KONNWEI KW206 Car OBD2 HUD Digital Meter Gauge

5,935.00 (+ GST Extra)

All in One Automotive Trip Computer Smart OBD Speedometer Water Temperature Fuel Pressure Tester for All 1996 and Newer Cars