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Rislone Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate (44629)

1,160.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate specially designed to stop seal and O-ring leaks caused by normal power steering wear and age.

Rislone Radiator 10 Minute Flush (41121)

2,225.00 (+ GST Extra)
Rislone recommends using this product every time your change your anti-freeze coolant.

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak & Conditioner – 325ml

2,225.00 (+ GST Extra)
It is compatible with all sorts of anti-freeze products.

RISLONE Rear Main Seal Repair (44240)

1,593.00 (+ GST Extra)
Give Rislone a shot and avoid that dreaded trip to the repair shop once and for all.

Rislone Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate (44519)

1,580.00 (+ GST Extra)
This product is specially designed to stop seal and gasket leaks caused by normal transmission wear and age.