What is the 12v battery discharge rate when a is not in use?


12v battery discharge rate when not connected.

One not-so-nice feature of lead acid batteries is that they discharge all by themselves even if not used. A general rule of thumb is one per cent per day rate of self-discharge. This discharge rate increases at high temperatures and decreases at cold temperatures. Don’t forget that your Gold Wing, with a clock, stereo, and CB radio, is never completely turned off. Each of those devices has a “keep alive memory” to preserve your radio pre-sets and time, and those memories draw about 20 milliamps or .020 amps. This will suck about one half amp hour from your battery daily at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This draw, combined with the self-discharge rate, will have your battery 50 percent discharged in two weeks if the bike is left unattended and unridden.

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