I cant find the battery in the engine Compartment. Can I still charge my 12v battery??

Charge 12v Battery in modern cars where the battery is not in the engine compartment?

Many modern car batteries are not located under the bonnet. Car manufacturers, however, fit a battery contact somewhere in the engine bay, to allow you to connect to the battery if it needs to be charged or if your battery is flat and you need to jump start your car.

With CTEK Chargers you do not need to worry about removing the battery from the vehicle. Just connect the clamps as the points provided under the hood and CTEK will charge the battery. You may also use one of the accessories like the CTEK Cig Socket Indicator. You can, on many cars, also use a 12V socket to charge the battery. The socket does, however, need to be live when the ignition is on. You can also connect CTEK smart accessories and fit a quick connector in the car somewhere where it is easily reached.

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