CTEK launches Battery Sense smartphone app

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CTEK Battery Sense – 12v Battery monitor on your smart phone

Battery Sense is easy to install and data is delivered through a free-to-download iPhone or Android App. Once connected, the monitor continuously tracks battery status to record and display information about battery health. It automatically syncs the stats to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Users accessing the app will be presented with a simple-to-understand battery condition report. And with version 2.0 of the Battery Sense app, there are exciting new features to paint an even clearer, more accurate picture of battery health than before – putting the condition of your vehicle’s battery in your hands.


  • By popular demand, when your phone is in Bluetooth range of Battery Sense, you receive instant battery voltage and temperature readouts

  • If you want to review information for a specific day, no problem – zoom into the continually updated status graph for clear, easy-to-read statistics on the battery status

  • Battery Sense will work with a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles and starter batteries of 5Ah or more. By using the 2.0 app you can manually input the battery capacities from 5-200Ah for even more accurate monitoring

  • Battery Sense can now detect if your battery is providing standby power – for lights, for example – and will automatically compensate for this to provide an accurate picture of the actual battery condition

  • With the Battery Sense 2.0 app you will continue to receive push notifications if the battery state of charge falls to a critical level and if measurements have not been uploaded for seven days

  • The smartphone app can still accommodate multiple vehicles fitted with Battery Sense


It is possible to monitor a collection of vehicles with the CTEK smartphone app, which enables multiple BATTERY SENSE monitors to be synced to your smartphone (up to the maximum capacity of individual phones). This allows you to keep track of all of your vehicles at the same time. It can, for example, monitor the battery condition of a family car, work truck, motorcycle, personal watercraft, snowmobile, lawnmower tractor and more. Each vehicle can be identified with a unique name and photograph that are displayed within the app. This is particularly useful in the case of summer recreational vehicles stored over the winter, or classic cars that are saved for special occasions. This is also the perfect complement to CTEK battery chargers, which allow stored vehicles to remain connected and charged indefinitely thanks to the smart communication between the charger and vehicle battery.

Bobbie DuMelle, executive vice president of CTEK Power Inc. said: “We were delighted by the reception BATTERY SENSE received when it was launched at the end of 2015, and the launch of version 2.0 of the smartphone app brings even more useful features – many of which have been developed in response to direct customer feedback.”

“Battery Sense means no more worrying about whether your car is going to start or when to charge,” Bobbie continued. “Battery Sense provides valuable information about the vehicle battery in a simple, user-friendly way. It is our way of helping customers protect against breakdowns and get the most out of their vehicles by ensuring you know they are ready for action whenever you are.”

CTEK Battery Sense is available online from and Advance Auto Parts. For more information about Battery Sense, as well as the CTEK range of battery chargers and accessories, please visit

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