CTEK Maximizes Battery Life

Battery Life
Battery Life

Did you know that the car or bike battery life can be increased by as much as 3 times??

All you need to do is spend a few minutes every three months..

CTEK Smarter Chargers maximize the life of your battery. Our patented desulphation function can extend the life of your current battery 2-3 times that of its normal life. With an annual growth rate of over 50% for the last six years, people around the world are finding CTEK chargers as a valuable investment to keep their vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and much more, in prime condition.

12v Lead-acid batteries like the ones present in your car or bike work on a  principal of how charged the batteries stay.  A discharged battery is likely to fail sooner than later.

The aim to keep the battery healthy and increase battery life is to keep the battery voltage above 12.6 Volts. If you go and check your car battery voltage using a battery voltage tester there is a good chance it is below that mark and this means it needs charging top-up.

How do we do it?

The first step is to ensure that you get hold of a good reliable battery charger. Now all battery chargers are not the same primarily because batteries need to be charged in a certain manner. Not all chargers in the market follow this and can cause more harm than good.

CTEK chargers use a patented algorithm that analyses the battery as it charges. This means it adjusts as per the battery and charges accordingly. It also checks if the battery can take charge and retain a charge. 

All we need to do is make sure is that we put the car battery or bike battery on overnight charge every 2 – 3 months. and use the recondition function from the charger every six months. All this without having to take the battery out of the vehicle. It’s as simple as that!!!

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