How to Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs

Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs 

The implementation of a battery management programme from CTEK, across the Morrisons distribution fleet of vehicles, has helped Morrisons to increase transport efficiency, prevent waste and Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs.

MORRISONS IS A MAJOR national supermarket chain with over 500 large stores and over 100 ‘M Local’ convenience stores as well as a home delivery service. The distribution fleet of vehicles supporting this activity consists of over 700 tractor units and 1,800 trailers that are serviced and maintained by 8 vehicle maintenance units located throughout the UK.
Morrisons is committed to increasing its transport efficiency, preventing waste and recycling more. National Head of Vehicle Maintenance Units John Ward identified battery management as something that could contribute towards this. He was looking for a solution that would significantly Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs and protect against the risk of battery failure, improve vehicle efficiency and reduce battery spend.
To perform efficiently, 24V battery sets must be ‘in balance’ and initial investigation identified that a in a high proportion of cases battery sets weren’t, resulting in the needless replacement of batteries in good working order.
The Morrisons Battery Management Programme needed to be a complete end to end process that would address any issues quickly, simply and effectively with no disruption to schedules and service levels.

“Here at Morrisons we pride ourselves on a strong commitment to the environment and so making sure that we weren’t unnecessarily replacing batteries, was a big driver for the development of a Battery Management Programme.”
John Ward, Morrisons

SOLUTION to Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs

CTEK specified a solution that would work within the parameters of Morrisons existing maintenance programme to avoid additional vehicle downtime. The Battery Management programme enables workshop engineers to simply and individually test and diagnose the health of both 12V vehicle batteries without the need to break the battery bar, addressing discharged or out of balance batteries and maintaining batteries in optimum condition.
If testing identified that a battery needed to be replaced, the programme introduced an approach to switch out the battery set, recycle the failed battery and recondition the good battery before pairing it up with a battery of similar condition.
To ensure that the process was adopted and supported by Morrisons vehicle technicians, CTEK delivered hands-on training to staff at all eight depots on battery knowledge and the battery management programme process – in total 75 staff members were trained.


The Morrisons Battery Management System has been designed to be undertaken during a standard service routine:
• Lighting test undertaken (required as part of service but will also remove any battery surface charge)
• Level check to be undertaken on each battery
• Workshop to test the battery using the CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer when the vehicle arrives into the workshop. If a faulty battery is detected, switch out battery set and at a later time recondition good battery and pair with another
• Connect the MXS 25 EC chargers to each 12V battery while other work is completed, without interruption – the chargers will condition, charge and restore balance to the battery set
• At the end of the vehicle service re-test the batteries to check batteries now in good health
The implementation of the Battery Management Programme will realise many benefits for Morrisons:
• Increase in workshop efficiency – battery problems are identified early, avoiding costly, avoidable breakdowns
• Reduction in the number of batteries being replaced – initial findings suggest that battery spend will be reduced significantly
• Reduction in the number of batteries being disposed of – reducing carbon footprint
• Trained and informed staff

“We wanted to make sure that the Battery Management Programme was firmly embedded as part of our standard approach to vehicle servicing and so the value-add of the training for our staff was invaluable in doing this. We are really confident that the battery management programme will contribute significantly to a reduction in our carbon footprint whilst also bringing about cost reductions too” – John Ward, Morrisons

EQUIPMENT USED to Reduce Vehicle Battery Costs

CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer

Simple to use unit that tests, with high accuracy, the condition of all types of 12V lead-acid batteries – workshop technicians simply attach it to the battery and follow the on-screen instructions. The CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer can test batteries ranging in size from 200A to 1,200A and is safe for the user, the battery and ECU settings – it produces no heat or sparks and undertakes the test without placing a load on the battery. Fast, accurate results are available on-screen within seconds which advices what action should be taken.

2 x CTEK MXS 25 EC (Now replaced by CTEK Pro 25s)

A powerful and fully-automatic 8 step ‘smart’ charger that delivers 25A to 12v batteries from 40-500Ah it is designed for professional workshop use and equipped with extra-long 6m cables for maximum flexibility.
The patented 8 step charging process has an automatic pulse charge to treat sulphated batteries and extend battery life, a special reconditioning function allows deeply discharged batteries to be returned to working order. A built-in temperature sensor compensates for the conditions and provides optimum charging whatever the weather. This IP44 classified unit is approved for outdoor use and it’s non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof so it’s safe for the vehicle and the user too.
A ‘SUPPLY’ function that allows the MXS 25 EC to be used as a power supply, enabling a battery to be supported during diagnostic or component testing work or, if the battery needs to be disconnected settings can be maintained while changeover takes place.

Trolley Pro

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the Trolley Pro Test Station has been designed to permanently and safely mount the two MXS 25EC chargers – hooks are included too for safe cable storage.

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