CTEK Partners with Koenigsegg

We were chosen as a Koenigsegg partner for our unique battery charging technology and have worked with Koenigsegg to create a product that will ensure appropriate charging and conditioning is delivered to the battery, guaranteeing an optimised battery performance.

Our partnership with Koenigsegg is a testament to the unique technology and high quality of the CTEK battery charger and it’s very satisfying to know that CTEK has been aligned with such a prestigious brand. Koenigsegg needed a solution that would support the battery – the very heart of the vehicle – and guarantee the Agera R’s world record beating performance each and every time the car is used.

It’s good to see that both recognise that battery care is a key part of vehicle ownership. By ensuring that their car battery is charged and conditioned using CTEK smart charge technology, Agera R owners can enjoy the very highest standard of driving experience.

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