Have you finished Christmas?

The high power demands of modern vehicles and the drain from parasitic loads such tracking devices and alarms means that a battery can potentially become flat in a matter of days. So as it’s the new year, having spent an extended time at home, how about you give your car a January treat? We recommend an overnight charge to condition your battery and bring it up to maximum capacity after standing on the drive over the holiday period

Protecting against a flat battery also means preventing a jump start, something that presents many dangers to both your battery and your vehicle. When a vehicle is jump-started a huge surge of voltage and current is generated that passes through the battery to energise the starter motor. This can potentially get through to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and cause irreparable damage.

So bring some new year cheer into your battery’s life, and as regular charging will extend your battery life by as much as 300%, it will be a welcome treat for your bank balance too!

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